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Passover Rice, Pasta and Breading!

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower can be made into a rice substitute, great with stir-fried vegetables or as a side dish with your favorite main course. Finely chop cauliflower by hand or pulse in a food processor. Add to sautéed onions and a bit of white wine and cook until liquid is reduced, stirring occasionally.  Add stock so that the cauliflower mixture is covered and cook with a lid until liquid has evaporated.  Season with salt and pepper.


Zucchini Noodles

Did you know zucchini can be made into noodles and used as a pasta?!  Zucchini noodles look and taste just like the real thing, especially when topped with your favorite sauce. Spiralize your zucchini, use a mandolin or cut into thin slices with your peeler.  Cook over medium high heat for 2-3 minutes or until soft. Drain if needed. Add your favorite Alfredo or marinara sauce. Add other roasted vegetables, cheese or seasonings and enjoy for less than ½ the calories of wheat pasta! Great for gluten free diets any time.


Nut Crusts

Miss breading on chicken or fish during Passover? Try a nut crust instead—delicious, kosher for Passover and less carbohydrates for those who are counting! Use walnuts, pecans or almonds. For a truly gourmet taste, try piñolis (pine nuts), using unprocessed for Passover. Grind in a food processor or chop by hand until fine but not mealy. Add salt, pepper, peeled garlic and parsley. (Omit garlic if this is not your cutom for the holiday.) Dip fish or chicken into eggs and then the nut mixture.  Spray baking dish with oil or dot with butter or margarine. Add more butter, margarine or oil to the top of the fish or chicken. Bake until done and top is crispy.  Our families like the nut crusts as much as breading!

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