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Read Susan's Foodie Lit review of Barbara Hacha's Line by Line. Maddy, a teenager and a hobo, survives the Depression by her wits and the kindness of others. Maddy says after she stops hopping trains, “I’ve been so hungry I could hardly stand up. Never again.” 

Check out Lisa's video on making Watermelon Juice! Perfect for the summer!

Tomato-Avocado-Quinoa Bowl

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

With tomatoes ripening on the vine, you can get fabulous fresh and in season tomatoes from the farmers market, your supermarket or your own vegetable garden.


There are delicious options to use vine-ripened tomatoes from gazpacho soup to tomato frittatas, to a sandwich enhanced by a ripe tomato slice to almost any kind of salad. Use them fresh, roast them, grill them and add to almost any soup, stew, pasta, grain, meat, poultry or fish.

Not too much left that tomatoes wouldn’t improve!


We have created a satisfying and well balanced meal with Tomatoes-Avocado-Quinoa Bowl It’s perfect for the lunch box, a picnic and use your leftovers for a filling breakfast!  Tastes even better the next day—if you have any extra!

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