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We hope you will enjoy today's blog about what one mom can create for her picky eater! And look for our Expand the Table options at the end of the recipe.

Our new Foodie Lit review is of S. L. Dwyer’s Depression/Dust Bowl novel, Dirt, a story of grit and determination. “It was a time where the true strength and grit of Americans was tested.”

Kristal's Avocado and Cucumber Sushi

Kristal is an amazing teacher that I had the opportunity to work with. So it's not a surprise that she has become a wonderful mom, loving, warm and creative with a daughter she describes as a picky eater. Don't we all know about picky eaters!

Kristal's daughter, Ava, won't eat most dairy, meat or vegetables. However, she does love Asian profiles, be it Japanese, Thai, or Chinese. So Kristal's learned to incorporate more Japanese in her culinary repertoire. "Today, after I picked her up from school (half day schedule), she insisted that I make sushi for lunch. This is something she can finish her plate and request seconds. It is my daughter’s most requested meal, aside from plain pasta."

Healthy, tasty and most of all, this lovely young lady will eat it for dinner or in her lunch box for lunch. Thanks for sharing, Kristal.  Susan

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