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Lisa's Happyfoods Youtube video: These scallops look exactly like the real thing. The texture and taste is similar too! Lisa shows you how to make these vegan scallops! 

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

Mirta Ines Trupp's With Love, The Argentina Family and Becoming Malka.   Teachers couldn’t pronounce her name and students couldn’t figure out who she was. “Not only were we immigrants, but we didn’t quite fit the mold. … I couldn’t find my niche.”  

Dad's Deli Meatloaf

Dad's (Secret) Deli Meatloaf  Recipe

Susan's Dad owned a deli in Linden,

New Jersey and shared his secret
recipes with her. His meatloaf was a

favorite with his customers. Meat loaf

can be paired with coleslaw and green

beans, as in this picture, with mashed

potatoes or cauliflower mash or with corn

on the cob. The recipe freezes well, can

be made in loaves or in muffin tins. Use beef, as in the original, or lower calories with a mixture of ground turkey and beef.

And the leftovers are amazing in tacos, stuffed peppers and salads--that is if there are any leftovers!

Nate Rubin
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