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Mediterranean Grain Salad

My fabulous cooking companion, Khloe!

Foodie Lit

Cooking is simply more fun when sharing with another. That's what happened when Khloe came to cook with me.  Only 9, she already loves meal prep and is very proficient measuring, cutting up vegetables and harvesting herbs from the garden!


We added grain to our salad and made it a meal, using a sprouted brown rice and quinoa mixture. Couscous, farro or orzo are also great grains to use. Add vinaigrette or try a salsa for a lighter and more piquant flavor. 


This is a perfect salad to start a special meal with guests or as a side dish. And who could ask for a better light lunch or dinner. Keeps well for a lunch at school or work!

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Joan Fallon’s novel, The Only Blue Door, was so intense and riveting that I found it hard to put down, except when my anger rose. The Children’s Resettlement Program sent thousands of children away from the bombings in London for their own safety. Many were well cared for and happy. Yet a surprisingly large number were sent away without their parents’ permission or even knowledge to orphanages in Australia, among other places, that were little more than deplorable workhouses, keeping children in unhealthy, unsafe conditions and forcing sexual, physical and emotional abuse on many in their legal custody.


I wanted to cry out, “But you're supposed to be the good guys!”


But they weren’t, they weren’t.

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