Mediterranean Lamb Stew
over Creamy Polenta

We are big fans of one-pot dishes because everything has a chance to marry together and create an intense flavor. Here the addition of apricots, olives and lemons lends the stew to a Mediterranean flair.


The polenta is so creamy and makes the perfect accompaniment for gathering all the yummy sauce. This is also great with mashed potatoes or cauliflower mash..

Foodie Lit

Yael Manor has written a story that needs telling.  Dana is a young girl with a loving family and friends. She goes to the playground where her friends are playing happily. Dana is in a wheelchair and there is nothing there that she can do.  Not the swings, not the carousel, not the slide or the climbing equipment.


In this season of redemption of Passover and Easter, the story of Dana getting a playground that she can play in is a heartwarming story that should inspire all of us to more inclusion.

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