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Tomato Soup à la "Delmonico's"

A Very Happy Purim!

For ideas and recipes to celebrate, click here and here!

Foodie Lit

Tomato Soup

Delmonico’s says on its website that it one of the first restaurants to allow women to dine without a male escort. Nonetheless, Presidential candidate Victoria Woodhull and her sister Tennie were asked to leave, as the two of them were dining by themselves. 


The story goes that to prevent being thrown out, Tennie brought in their chauffeur, much to the dismay of the proprieter. Victoria ordered Tomato Soup for Three, Pheasant and Custard Pie.


We have come up with our own Tomato Soup here. No escorts required!

Madame Presidentess

The first woman running for president is a tale filled with intrigue, scandal, enemies and lurid newspaper accounts, sexual innuendoes, financial scandals and marital woes. Biographical accounts are often brutal and vindictive.

No, this is not about Hillary Clinton but rather Victoria Woodhull who ran in 1872.

Like many politicians of her time and ours, Woodhull had affairs, used scandal to her advantage and made lots of money during her political career. 

A real rags to riches story by Nicole Evelina that you won't want to miss!

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