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Make Your Own Gravlax

Yield 12-14  2.5 ounce servings

Salt Cure

1 cup salt, kosher

3/4 cup sugar

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 bunch dill, fresh



1 side of salmon fillet, deboned and skin on, about 3 pounds

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 ounce Vodka or Gin, optional


1. Mix the first three ingredients for the salt cure and set aside

2. Place the salmon fillet in a pan large enough to lay the salmon flat.

(We usually use a large disposable hotel pan or you can cut the fillet in half and use two 9x13 pans.)

3. Brush or rub the lemon juice over top of the fish. Repeat with the alcohol.

4. Pack the cure evenly over top with a little less near the thinner tail. Top with dill.

5. Add another pan the same size with some weight over top. You can use cans of beans, tomato sauce, etc. or small 2 pound dumb bells.

6. Cure the salmon in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The salt will start to pull out the liquid from the salmon; every 6-8 hours, drain off the liquid.

7. After 2 days, cut a small piece of the salmon and gently rinse off the cure. Slice very thin and taste. If you like it a little firmer and saltier then cure for another 12-24 hours.

8. When done, gently scrape off the salt cure. You can rinse the salmon gently under cold water as well. Then, thinly slice the salmon, holding the knife at a 30-degree angle.

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