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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Treats


Foodie Lit: Scary Mystery Reads for Halloween

Chocolate Vampire Cupcakes (1).jpeg

Halloween is so many people’s favorite holiday, Costumes to wear, pumpkins to carve and, of course, treats to give away!  Here are a few favorites from our archives. These desserts are great for Halloween and at any time of year. Treats for tots to seniors. The cupcakes and muffins freeze well so double the recipe for future fun.  Try one or try them all! Some families in my neighborhood do a Halloween tailgate party with treats so that the kids here can still go trick or treating in a very safe way. A perfect way to serve these  Halloween desserts!

Recipes are linked below.

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Muffins
Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Muffins
Mama's Ghost Meringues

Some of our favorite scary mystery reads are perfect for Halloween!  Click on tthe cover to be tayour pumpkinigght of ken to the review. Look forward to some great reading by the light of of the candle in your pumpkin or any time year round. Click on the cover to read my Foodie Lit review and find a link to purchase!

Cat in the Flock.png
Shadow Weaver.jpg
Of Half a Mind (1).jpg
Murder by Times New Roman.jpg
When The Clocks Stopped.jpg
Justification for Murder.jpg
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