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Easiest Miso Soup

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This delicious miso soup is able to be eaten by so many, as it is vegan, gluten-dairy-and sugar free. It is an elegant soup for brunch, the start of a larger meal or for a simple supper.


Miso paste can be found in most supermarkets. It comes in many varieties so make sure to buy the sweet mellow white kind for the soup. This is one of those soups that looks and tastes like you spent all day but really it can be put together in fifteen minutes. 

Foodie Lit

Secrets of the Apple Tree Tavern.jpg

"It is told: across the Irish Sea on the isles of Ireland centuries ago, the hooded Druids danced around the fires before they meted out justice for heinous crime until the Romans invaded the British Isle."


Mary Ellen Gavin brings alive the warmth and the cruelty encountered by the Irish in Depression New York and WWII years in Dublin.  Seen through the eyes of Francis, an orphan who becomes a leader of his adopted family.

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