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Election Night Restaurant Fish Chowder

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My family is having Restaurant Fish Chowder on US Election Night. Sophisticated, filling and comforting, this soup will be perfect to keep you well fed if you stay up long hours to watch the election returns. 


Here on the East coast, fresh fish  is plentiful. Restaurants make chowders and throw in pieces of fish leftover from main courses. You can create your own chowder with this fabulous remaking of great seafood restaurants.


This chowder is one of those special occasion meals that is great as a first course or as a main dish. Perfect for entertaining or a special occasion at home.


Fish Chowder is an unusual and elegant start for Thanksgiving. Make the soup ahead of time and freeze. Add the fish on Thanksgiving. 

Recipe is below.

Foodie Lit


I treasure reading Marti Healy's Breathings, filled with small stories, filled with thoughts, not shouts, little conversations (not beatings) with people known and unknown, revealing kindness to people, animals and even insects, such as a butterfly with a torn wing. At the end of one of her short works, we breathe in the air of thoughtfulness, benevolence and the best in our humanity.

Election Night Restaurant Fish Chowder

Serves 6-8


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1/2 cup yellow or white onions, small dice

1/2 cup red onions, small dice

¾ cups celery, small dice

½ cup flour

¾ cup white wine

3 cups stock

1 cup potatoes, medium dice

1 cup corn, fresh or frozen

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped

3 cups heavy cream

1 pound variety fresh uncooked fish such as mahi mahi, grouper, cod, haddock, salmon or tuna, cut into small chunks


  1. Heat large pot on high heat. Add oil, onions and celery. Cook until translucent.

  2. Sprinkle flour on top of mixture. Stir constantly until mixture looks dry.

  3. Add wine and stock. Stir to combine and bring to a boil.

  4. Add potatoes and corn and season with salt and pepper. Reduce heat to a simmer and cover.

  5. Cook until potatoes are soft but not mushy. Add parsley and heavy cream. If you wish to freeze the soup, do so here.

  6. Return to boil. Taste for seasoning and add fish. Adding tuna and salmon does make a wonderful flavor!  Reduce heat to low until ready to serve.

TIP: The base of this soup can be made ahead of time and kept in the freezer. When ready to serve, just defrost, heat and add your seafood of choice.


Expandthetable suggestions

Vegan: Substitute a soy creamer for heavy cream. Substitute 1 pound of potatoes and 1½ cups corn for seafood.

Vegetarian: Substitute 1 pound of potatoes and 1½ cups corn for seafood.

Dairy Free: Substitute a soy or almond creamer for heavy cream.

Gluten Free: Use gluten free flour or potato starch, and omit corn, if needed.

Allium Free: Substitute ¾ cup fennel, small dice, for onion.

Lower Calories: Substitute 3 cups milk, soy or almond milk for cream

Seafood Chowder: Add fresh uncooked shrimp to the fish variety, amount to your taste. Add 3 cups clam juice instead of stock.

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