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Holiday Desserts

If you ask my nearly 104-year-old mom what has helped her live this long, it’s the desserts after every meal! From Brownies to Apple Cake to Chocolate Ginger Cookies, she loves them all.  Here are a few of her favorites—bake ahead for the holidays, for a friend or for a favorite person.

Pick one or make them all and have a desert after each meal as my mom does! I make all my desserts with a sugar substitute and of course portion matters. My mom takes small portions and enjoys each bite!

I have picked a few favprites for you and also put a link on the page for the Dessert Index withh links to each dessert on the expandthetable website. Bake ahead for the holidays or nlike my mom, you can also enjoy everyday!

French Apple Cake 3.jpg
Biscotti with chocolate.jpeg

Foodie Lit

Tomorrow's Flight.jpg
Pumpkin and Squash Pies.jpg

A commercial flight goes through turbulence and then crashes into an unknown time and place, the Cretaceous Era, when humans did not yet exist.  Tomorrow's Flight is not a typical time travel novel, rather the playing with time questions our beliefs of who we are as people, what we would do to survive and how, if the opportunity is given, would we change fate?

Dalton, the youngest plane passenger muses, “There’s so little about this world or time that we understand. And, really, we have no idea where we are.” The other characters and many readers agree.  Martyn Ellington and Steven Stiefel are to be congratulated for writing this fabulous read.

13_Key Lime Pie_1.jpg
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