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The Best Weekly Grocery Haul

Lisa Goes Shopping!

What are your favorite shopping tips?

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Super Duper Shopping Tips

  1. Create a budget and stick to it. Try shopping with your budget in cash. It helps you organize and prioritize what you truly need versus want for the week.

  2. Make a list and create weekly menus. Try to shop the same day each week, so you can plan your use and avoid impulsive and unplanned purchases.

  3. Shop from what’s on sale or in season.

  4. Know your stores so you know where to go for the best price of a particular item.

  5. Look at unit price to get a better idea of cost. Check out the house brand—often (but not always) cheaper.

  6. Build up your food pantry, using it regularly and adding to it when you find items on sale. Do an inventory once a month to avoid buying duplicates and to help use up what you have.

  7. Make use of any leftovers. Keep in the front of your refrigerator!

  8. Shop in larger quantities at places such as Costco’s or Sam’s.

  9. Buy less processed foods, cut up your own fruits and veggies, which will save money.

  10.  Eat before you go so those tantalizing smells at take out counters most stores have won’t temp you to buy more.

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