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Squirt Bottles:  Chefs' Shtik!

Read Susan's Foodie Lit review of Barbara Hacha's Line by Line. Maddy, a teenager and a hobo,

survives the Depression by her wits and the kindness of others. Maddy says after she stops hopping trains, “I’ve been so hungry I could hardly stand up. Never again.” 

What are our readers cooking and eating? Let us know with us and we'll share on our blog!  

Less waste, fewer calories, more creativity!  Squirt bottles make using oils, sauces and much more easy and neat. Famous Chef Anthony Bourdain calls them, the “chefs’ shtik”!


From cooking to decorating to serving, these ordinary squirt bottles can be bought at the supermarket, dollar stores, restaurant supply stores and, of course, on line. You can cut the opening to be wider according to your needs.


We use them for oils. It’s easy to control and lessen the amount of oil used, whether for sautéing, drizzling on roasting or baking poultry, fish or veggies.


Our squirt bottles are fantastic for making designs with sauces, melted chocolate or icing, storing and serving homemade salad dressings. Even try pancake batter and squirt into the hot pan!


Bring them to the table for guests to add their own sauces. Needless to say, they are great to use at picnics and BBQ’s.

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