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Smothered Cabbage and Arborio Rice Soup

Smothered Cabbage and Arborio Rice Soup

I’m on a soup kick this winter! Who could resist this melt in your mouth soup! The smothered cabbage is soft and so tasty. The Arborio rice is firm, creamy and chewy.


The combination makes a wonderful soup, simple with two main ingredients: cabbage and rice. Economical, healthy and easily vegan, for those meatless meals. The soup can also be made with a meat broth or with Parmesan cheese.

This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite chefs--Marcella Hazan, known for her use of fresh ingredients and simplicity in cooking.

Foodie Lit

Altitude Journals.jpg

A great read for these cold nights is David Mauro’s adventures climbing the 7 Summits. Taken from his journals, it makes anyone want to get out for at least a walk, if not a hike!

The Altitude Journals are about his physical and spiritual journey, through mountain climbing, with its adventures, its difficulties and its redemptions. I climbed each mountain with David, routed for him and read every word in his retelling of this journey.

“It's magical up there," he told me. So is his writing. Definitely pick up a copy!

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