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Guest Blogger Romain Saha!

Bengali Masoor Dal

Lovers of Indian food will want to go to the kitchen and try this recipe for Bengali Masoor Dal. Roman Saha is another friend from FB Cook’s Community Forum, a great group that shares everything about food and its prep.The recipe link will take you to his website.


What I like about Romain’s philosophy is his use of fresh ingredients and the creativity in his cooking. He told me, “I'm a big believer in scratch cooking and my website,, reflects that. It's not so hard to cook decent food without relying on pre-fab ingredients. Take a little extra time. Enjoy your time in the kitchen. You may surprise yourself.” 


This vegan lentil dish has wonderful Indian spices. Check your local Indian store if your grocery store doesn’t carry them. Great comfort food at its best.

Foodie Lit

In Time Exposure, we see the scenes of war literally through Civil War photographer Joseph and his lens. As modern readers, we know more about war details than those in the Civil War era.


Yet the descriptions still send chills to us, as we contemplate this deeply divisive war, some divides that last until today. 

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