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May your blessings be as numerous as the seeds of a pomegranate. Happy New Year!

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

Susan's Foodie Lit review of Amani'River by David Hartness and traditional Mozambique recipe.

A Vegetarian Feast for the Holidays!

Festive meals do not have to have meat. Here is a scrumptious vegetarian menu alternative to chicken or beef.  Prep ahead to have time to ensure you have time to enjoy the feast as well!


This menu is perfect for the meal before the Yom Kippur Fast begins or during the al fresco meals in the sukkah! Be sure to include these desserts—absolutely lip-smacking! Use Stevia if you are watching sugar content.

Don't forget to add the symbolic foods to your meal--we have given you a few to help the New Year be sweet and positive!

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