Happy Mother's Day to our favorite moms!

Challah French Toast Casserole

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A sweet and lucious dish for  brunches on Mother's Day. The recipe is also a wonderful breakfast dish to make when you have company over or need to feed a larger crowd. You can make it a day or two in advance and just reheat that morning or you can store in the freeze. Challah French Toast Casserole is usually used as a breakfast item, but can easily pass for a bread pudding! Since it has a delicious orange glaze, you really don’t need syrup. Of course, a sprinkle of powdered sugar doesn't hurt!

Foodie Lit

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The name of Of Half A Mind comes from the shadowy experiment that tries to rewire the right side of the brain. “There’s nothing to stop a lot of those right-side functions from disappearing, and many of them are what makes us human,” Sam says to Sue. This would be a person with “half a mind” as Sue responds, with “no emotional boundaries.” 


Bruce Perrin capitalizes on our fascination with technology and all that it might bring, while at the same time giving us a foreboding look at what can be wrought when technology and evil marry.

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Eat, Read and Dream. Order for the holidays!!  Inspired by my Foodie Lit columns and now available on Amazon & Book Baby. Order now!

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