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Happy New Year to all our Jewish friends.

Tzimmes Chicken

Foodie Lit

Chicken Tsimmis 3_edited.jpg

Eating sweet foods on the Jewish New Year is traditional, a hope for a sweet year to come. The sweetness of stewed dried fruit in this recipe is in a very happy marriage with the chicken. While tzimmes is a traditional vegetable side dish, I made into a main course with the addition of chicken and roasted, instead of stewing. 


The bright colors of vegetables and fruit create a pretty presentation, perfect for buffets and pot luck bring alongs. 


The word tzimmes is used in an expression to mean making a fuss.  “You don’t have to make such a tzimmes when we come over for dinner. We’re just family!” This recipe is easy to make, no need for fussing!

Hush Girl.jpg

"Don’t remember secrets. Don’t tell any secrets.” These words have been drummed into Nicki Reed from her childhood.  Gloria Zachgo, author of Hush Girl, wrote, “Her journey was often painful and terrifying.”

As a retired principal, I encountered abused children. Through fear, threats and pain, they were forbidden to speak. Their abusers had engrained a culture of silence in them. 

This novel is a psychological journey of an abused woman searching for, yet fearing to find, her childhood reality.

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