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Happy 4th of July!

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Thank you to guest blogger Teresa Peterson

who appeared here before with her fab Caesar Salad, as part of the Peterson team, when her husband’s book, The Rail Car was reviewed on Foodie Lit. Now she’s solo with her Roasted Leg of Lamb for an elegant dinner, perfect for a special 4th of July celebration.


The Peterson family has always considered lamb to be celebratory fare, Teresa shared. Lamb wasn’t on the menu when she was growing up and it isn't for many families. But, when Teresa joined the Peterson family, it was immediately clear that it definitely WAS on the menu there. "I quickly realized the merits of a good lamb dinner!" Teresa said enthusiastically. 

Foodie Lit

“The actions of parents do affect the lives of their children. And like it or not, truth lays bare what I or was; but it can’t fix everything,” Emmett, the holder of family secrets tells Ann.


Layers of lies, half-truths and omissions peel off the characters in The Comfort of Shadows by Laurel Bragstad. The dreams turn out to be memories, although not always comforting ones.

“I guess it’s complicated,“ she finally said.

Her friend John replied,  “Yep. Most good stories are.”

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