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Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob|

3 course catered and delivered meals. Click here to view the menu and delivery details. Charleston area only.

Garnishing 101: 4 Easy Garnishes

Grapefruit Rose|Lemon Wedges|Green Onion Bouquet|Strawberry Fan

Question: What looks better, a plate with or without a garnish?

Answer:    With!


We all eat with our eyes, so the prettier the presentation, the more we appreciate the food. Garnishes makes dishes look more important, more high-end and give them that wow!  


Here are 4 easy, fool-proof garnishes for the home kitchen, plus an easy to follow video from Chef Lisa! 


1. Orange or Grapefuit Rose

2. Lemon or Lime Wedges

3. Green Onion Bouquet

4. Strawberry Fan



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