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4 Steps to Living to 100!

Veggies and pasta
Susan and family
Lisa and her family
Beet hearts

Lisa’s grandpa will be 100 this December and Susan’s mom will be 99 in January! They are healthy and still enjoying life! Some say it's good genes, but there are a variety of lifestyle choices that factor into good health and longevity..

1. Staying active: The first is movement- some of the longest living people still work and stay active. Whether it's chores around the house, gardening, walking or going to work you need move your body! Lisa's grandpa hasn't stopped working yet and Susan's mom volunteered until just a few years ago.

2. Eating vegetables: Next is eating lots of vegetables. Someone traveling on the road stopped to ask my grandpa, "How do you get to 95?"

“Stop eating meat,” he said. This joke is always funny probably because it’s got some truth in it. Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious, so make them the star of your meal and use meat more as an ingredient.

3. Family and friends: Make family and friends a priority. Spending time with the ones you care about makes you feel good!  Even after spending all day working with his family in the store, my grandpa still enjoys seeing everyone! And a highlight for Susan's mom is when family comes to visit.

4. Lastly, as for preparing meals? As Susan's mom always says, "Flavor your cooking with love!"


So invite a friend or two over to be your guest for dinner or to take a walk. Try to incorporate healthier plant based meals into your diet and eat as fresh and locally as possible. Activity, veggies, family and friends and love--a life worth living.

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