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Susan Weintrob
Expand the Table

Mini Pot Pies

Foodie Lit

Pot pies are one of the great comfort foods  not only in the midst of winter but also all year round.

Using suggestions in our expand the table segment, you can make a pot pie with poultry or meat, keep it vegan and use all sorts of varieties of your favorite vegetables. Vary the seasoning according to your taste. 

Make your own crust or use frozen puff pastry for quick results.


Make one large pie for family style or in ramekins for individual portions. Try minis-- perfect for a meal's start or for children.


Great for pot-luck dinners—just get in line first, because there won’t be much left!

The first woman running for president is a tale filled with intrigue, scandal, enemies and lurid newspaper accounts, sexual innuendoes, financial scandals and marital woes. Biographical accounts are often brutal and vindictive.

No, this is not about Hillary Clinton but rather Victoria Woodhull who ran in 1872.

Like many politicians of her time and ours, Woodhull had affairs, used scandal to her advantage and made lots of money during her political career. 

A real rags to riches story by Nicole Evelina that you won't want to miss!

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