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Egg-cellent uses for eggs!

Chef Lisa and Marshall share a few ideas about egg-citing ways to make eggs.

1. Scrambled eggs made in a waffle iron: Scramble your eggs and cook them in a waffle iron.

2. Frittatas in muffin tins: Mix your favorite frittata recipe and bake in muffin tins, 
3. Egg sandwiches and wraps: Scramble or fry eggs and put on your favorite bread with a slice of tomato. 
4. Scrambled eggs with veggies: Mix chopped vegetables with eggs and bake in an iron pan.
5. Hard-boiled for salads: Top your Salad Nicoise with quartered hard boiled eggs. 
6. Poached eggs in tomato sauce: Poach your eggs in a spicy tomato sauce for a great meal any time!

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