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Thanks to guest blogger, Kay Pomerantz, aunt of a dear friends. Despite having a busy career as Jewish educator and administrator, rebbetzin and mother of 4, she managed to publish 3 cookbooks, including Come for Cholent, Come for Cholent Again and Come for Everything but Cholent and was gracious enough to share this fabulous salmon recipe.

Super Delish Holiday Salmon

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Such an easy and super delicious dish. Perfect for holiday luncheons, late suppers or buffets. The salmon can be served warm or cold. A pretty presentation, it’s just great for entertaining. Easy to transport if you are bringing a dish.


Holiday menu

We have served it here with stuffed zucchini. Try it with your favorite salads for a cold meal or buffet.  For a warm meal, try cups of soup, stuffed mushrooms and mini corn fritters. Click the recipe link for a suggested menu for friends stopping by, a Christmas brunch or a late New Year’s Eve supper.


Aunt Kay’s Salmon is so easy it’s great for an elegant meal in the middle of the week with fab leftovers for lunch the next day!

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Herodias Long had a long and unusual life. It was author Jo Ann Butler’s luck that while doing a genealogical search, she found this extraordinary woman in her ancestry.


Herod remains outspoken throughout her life, pushing 17th century boundaries in Massachusetts.  By the time she reaches 34, Herod has broken societal norms, made it into Colonial records and born 10 children.

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