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Mixed Olives-Cheese Salad

Olive Cheese Salad.jpg

This easy salad is perfect for picnics, BBQ’s and buffets.  The olives add a fabulous savory taste and the basil heightens the taste of the cheese and tomatoes. 


With tomatoes coming into season,  this light vegetarian salad is an easy and quick addition to any meal.


After I made it, I had to take the pictures quickly as my family wanted to eat this as a mid-afternoon snack immediately.  It looked that good!

Foodie Lit

Of Half a Mind (1).jpg

The name of Of Half A Mind comes from the shadowy experiment that tries to rewire the right side of the brain. “There’s nothing to stop a lot of those right-side functions from disappearing, and many of them are what makes us human,” Sam says to Sue. This would be a person with “half a mind” as Sue responds, with “no emotional boundaries.” 


Bruce Perrin capitalizes on our fascination with technology and all that it might bring, while at the same time giving us a foreboding look at what can be wrought when technology and evil marry.

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