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Chanukah, Menorah in the window

Happy Chanukah to all our Jewish friends! 

      ! חג אורים שמח 

Mary Ellen Taylor’s Union Street Bakery is a wonderful book with intriguing characters, helpful ghosts (ok—some are not so helpful!), and hidden lives that slowly become revealed all in historic Alexandria.

A Happy  and Healthier  Chanukah!

Chanukah celebrates the miracle of making one flask of oil last for for 8 days, a miracle keeping the large menorah (candelabra)lit for the  Temple's rededication, in Jerusalem in164 BCE. This was after the Jewish Maccabees won their independence in a war against the Greek and Syrian occupation of Judaea, the Land of Israel. 


We celebrate the oil--but don’t need to use all the oil from the 8 days as we cook and celebrate this Holiday of Lights!


Here are several ways to make the traditional latkes a bit lighter with fewer carbs, while keeping the great flavor. Use colorful vegetables for a different latkes for each of the 8 nights.  Also look at our root vegetable latkes and cauliflower latkes, so much flavor without all the heaviness and calories.

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