Chanukah, Menorah in the window

Happy Chanukah to all our Jewish friends! 

      ! חג אורים שמח 

Mary Ellen Taylor’s Union Street Bakery is a wonderful book with intriguing characters, helpful ghosts (ok—some are not so helpful!), and hidden lives that slowly become revealed all in historic Alexandria.

A Happy  and Healthier  Chanukah!

Chanukah celebrates the miracle of making one flask of oil last for for 8 days, a miracle keeping the large menorah (candelabra)lit for the  Temple's rededication, in Jerusalem in164 BCE. This was after the Jewish Maccabees won their independence in a war against the Greek and Syrian occupation of Judaea, the Land of Israel. 


We celebrate the oil--but don’t need to use all the oil from the 8 days as we cook and celebrate this Holiday of Lights!


Here are several ways to make the traditional latkes a bit lighter with fewer carbs, while keeping the great flavor. Use colorful vegetables for a different latkes for each of the 8 nights.  Also look at our root vegetable latkes and cauliflower latkes, so much flavor without all the heaviness and calories.

Rainbow Latkes
Rainbow Latkes
Root Vegetable Latkes
Root Vegetable Latkes
Cauliflower Latkes
Cauliflower Latkes
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