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Gorgeous Vegetable Carpaccio

Mary Ellen Taylor’s Union Street Bakery is a wonderful book with intriguing characters, helpful ghosts (ok—some are not so helpful!), and hidden lives that slowly become revealed all, in historic Alexandria.

Guest Blogger Paula Roy (whose blog is and Susan met on Cook's Cook Community Forum, a Facebook food and cooking discussion. What a delightful group! Paula, an experienced cook and blogger, is a wonderful source of advice and recipes.  She has shared this visually beautiful and oh so tasty raw vegetable dish, a perfect appetizer for holiday entertaining.


Paula writes:  "While I absolutely adore thinly sliced beef or salmon carpaccio – the appetizer so popular in many Italian restaurants and homes – I have long wondered what an all-vegetable version would taste like. The good news: it’s scrumptiously delicious and adds a riot of color."


The great news: it’s super simple to make and looks absolutely gorgeous. Paula says, "You can use whatever root vegetables you like; I went for Chioggia beets (also known as candy stripe or candy cane) because they're so pretty, but regular or even golden varieties would work equally well. Grab a bunch of sweet heirloom carrots and use whichever hues you prefer to make your platter a riot of colour. Zucchini is not a root vegetable, but the colour and texture were a nice addition in the dish.This vegetable carpaccio will thrill any vegans or vegetarians at your table, and the meat-eaters will welcome it as a really tasty side dish." The dish makes a truly impressive appetizer for all to enjoy.  The recipe is on Paula's website. Enjoy looking around!

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