Weekly Catered Meals

by Chef Lisa



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lunchboxes your children will want to open

Lunches put into small containers or divided containers will be perfect for that first week of school.  It is easy to prepare parts ahead of time and the small and varied portions are simply fun to eat. Your child gets great variety, small portions perfect for kids and a choice of what to eat first!  For lunches for older kids or adults, simply make larger portions.


A great tip for cold drinks is to put the liquid in a thermos to remain cold and keep condensation from ruining the rest of the lunch.


12 lunchbox idea!


  • Cut up vegetables in one with humus or salsa in another.

  • Yogurt in one container with cut up fruit in another

  • Pasta or Waldorf Salad

  • Egg, tuna or chicken salad in one container, with crackers in another

  • Sandwiches cut into small triangles or square

  • Mini deli rollups

  • Fruit or veggie kabobs

  • Falafel in one container and humus in another

  • Bite size quesadillas with toppings in another container

  •  Mini meatballs or chicken fingers

  • Mini veggie or fruit muffins

  • Brownies, banana or zucchini bread or carrot cake squares, bite size and put into muffin papers

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