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                                  is a unique approach to everyday cooking that develops easy to follow and customizable recipes.  Whether meat and potatoes are your thing or your menu is mostly fruits and vegetables, we teach you to improvise on a daily basis.

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Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

Read Susan's Foodie Lit review of Clara's Kitchen, Depression Era cooking with Clara Cannucciari, who had her own youtube cooking show in her 90's!


Marinated Italian Vegetable Salad

Picnic Basket Salads

Springtime is perfect for picnics. What’s better than making salads ahead of time that are cool, crispy and easy to take along? Some of the best make-ahead salads (that even get better with time) are your non-lettuce salads. We know you have a few favorite recipes. Here are some ideas to get your creativity going! Put the salads ahead of time or make extra and save yourself a night of cooking. These salads keep well in the refrigerator.


Get your picnic baskets ready and eat outside, al fresco! Don’t forget your blanket and, if you’re from Charleston, bring along the sweet tea!


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