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Join us in the kitchen!

Like time travel? Outlander Kitchen may be your first portal to another era--right in your kitchen! Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders is a fabulous cookbook and read for foodies and Outlander fans alike. 

Homemade Stock: Thrifty and Eco-friendly

Holidays are over. Easy, comforting and healthy soups are so in season. The aroma of homemade soup fills a kitchen, gives us a comforting meal and long lasting memories. And where does a great homemade soup start? Of course, with a homemade stock, thrifty and eco-friendly.

While some stovetop time is needed, making stock's pretty easy.  Using scraps and leftovers normally thrown out, homemade stock is such an easy way to save money and avoid wasting food. 


We keep a zip lock bag in the freezer and as we prepare meals, we throw clean vegetable peels and scraps into the bag, Almost any vegetable will do (even corn cobs!) as will herb pieces. Here's how we do it.

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