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Lentil Chopped "Liver"

Lentil chopped liver with cukes.jpg

Thinking of chopped liver just makes my mouth water.  But the cholesterol!! 


No need to give up this wonderful dish.  Here is a scrumptious vegetarian version.  I had often made a similar dish with walnuts but needed a nut free version.


Chef Lisa Rovick came to the rescue with the substitution of lentils. So delicious! This is defiitely my go-to version now!

Imperial Passions.jpg

Much about daily life in Byzantium,1039, differs from our lives almost 1,000 years later; Imperial Passions reveals moments that remain the same: joy at a child's birth, sadness at death, fear of war and disease, yearning for safety and comfort. It is this detailed portrayal of fascinating historical figures, female doctors and empresses, minority groups and generals which make this book a great read.

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