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Beanie Burgers


We honor the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King.

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Save a buck in the kitchen and make these delicious vegetarian burgers. This economical recipe is easy to make, very tasty (important point #1!) and freezable.


I've become interested in budget-friendly recipes and will be sharing them with you during the next few months. Please let me know your favorite saving-pennies-recipes.

What’s a plus with this recipe is that red, kidney or black beans are equally tasty. Sauté them, grill them or bake them.  And top it all off with coleslaw, BBQ sauce, salsa or sautéed onions! Add a pickle or two, because if you are like me, you've never met a pickle you didn't like! 

Foodie Lit

The Gemstone Chronicles.jpg

“It doesn’t make sense that a fairy tale can be real,” Nana says to their Elvan guide  Finecano.  How can elves be real, magic be bestowed on her family and be moved through the shimmery veil between parallel worlds?


Author, William Stuart, has the grandfather say to his grandson, “I can’t protect you forever. I can only hope...  when the time comes, you will remember what I taught you so you will make the right decisions.” Whether with  magic or in real life, that is their quest.

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