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Happy Valentine's Day

Mini-Rum Cake

Foodie Lit

This stack of Mini-Rum Cakes is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Sweet and small, the rum butter sauce makes each mini rum-cake decadent!

Gâteau nantais, first mentioned in 18th century in Nantes (France), seems a good fit for an early source for the cake. A type of pound cake baked in a round pan and soaked in rum, the cake keeps well and was a favorite dessert served at the time.  


There are many variations today and all use the sweet, smoky flavor of rum. Use your favorite rum cake recipe or click here for ours.

It's A Piece of Cake by author Laurie Lunsford and iIllustrator Brittani Gothard is one of the best children's books I've read. 


This is such a perfect book to read to your child at bedtime, to pull a grandchild onto your lap during a visit, for teachers to read to a class, volunteers to library groups—can’t think of a time it wouldn’t work.

And I have the perfect cake to eat while reading!

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