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Happy 4th of  July!

Morning Joe Pops

This is one of the easiest popsicle recipes to make. Simple make your Morning Joe, remembering that this is a popsicle, so you should add some creamer and sweetener.  Take some time on the front porch or deck, walk around the yard, sit on the balcony or at your kitchen table, and enjoy the celebration of our Independence Day. A big thank you to all our military, veterans, first responders and everyday heroes.

Yield: 4 popsicles (depending on size of mold)


1 8-ounce cup coffee, cooled and made your way with creamer and sweetener

1/4 cup creamer of choice


1. Add creamer first to popsicle mold.

2. Pour coffeee to almost the top of the mold, remembering that the frozen coffee will expand in the mold.  Even if you normally take your coffee black, add a bit of sweetener—this is a popsicle!

3. Cover with lids and freeze.  Enjoy as your morning joe or for your afternoon treat!

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