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                                        is a unique approach to everyday cooking that develops easy to follow and customizable recipes.  Whether meat and potatoes are your thing or your menu is mostly fruits and vegetables, we teach you to improvise on a daily basis.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2015

Recipes to fit your palate


We supply substitutions for our recipes.  

These substitutions are for the person who is looking to add variety to foods and recipes, and for those of you who cater to family members with different eating styles.  By giving substitutions for each category, steppingstone recipes teach you to make gradual steps to learn about that eating preference.


You have a new look on foodmore open minded what a dish can be.  We include substitutions for these 9 eating style: raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-dairy-soy-allium free, kosher, diabetic.


You learn to be confident, to look at any recipe and know that you can take the steppingstones to create the dish that you want.

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Cheese Croutons:

A Great Conversation Ingredient!

Special Flavor in a few minutes!

Want to add a special flavor to your salads? Try these croutons made from soft cheeses such as cream cheese or goat cheese or crumbly cheeses such as one of the blue cheeses. This is a fun topping to add to any salad and is a great conversation piece when you have company!


Place cheese on parchment paper

Place cheese in the middle of a sheet of 

parchment paper.  Place another sheet of

parchment paper on top of cheese. Press

firmly on cheese to flatten.



                                            Roll Out

                                                         With a rolling pin, roll out on the parchment                                                                    paper to an even depth, about ½ inch. Remove

                                                         and reserve top sheet of parchment paper and                                                               sprinkle with herbed bread crumbs.  This make                                                              them look even more like croutons. Replace the

                                                         top parchment and carefully flip over. Repeat with                                                          breadcrumbs on this side.



Put on a sheet tray and place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.  Cut into crouton size pieces and add to your favorite salad.  




VEGAN:  Use a vegan soft cheese, such

as cream cheese.

GLUTEN FREE: Substitute almond or 

cashew meal for breadcrumbs.

DAIRY FREE: Use a dairy free soft cheese,

such as cream cheese.





everydayhappyfoods|Cheese Croutons
everydayhappyfoods|Salad|Cheese croutons
everydayhappyfoods|Cheese Croutons
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