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Rylan and Avery celebrate Purim

Happily Healthy Purim Baskets

  1. Go Italian: In a pretty bag place pasta, tomato sauce, olives, pasta fork, and biscotti.

  2. Purim Bowl: In a salad bowl, place bag of spinach or lettuce, croutons, salad dressing and wooden servers.

  3. Smart Coffee and Chocolate! We know coffee and chocolate make your smarter:  fill a large mug with a bag of coffee and fine chocolate to start the day.

  4. Go Bananas! Banana bread, banana chips and a banana smoothie.

  5. Bread and Spreads: Homemade bread and with spreads, such as cream cheese and creamy pepper jelly spread, featured in our New Year’s blog.

  6. Garden Cornucopia:  Basket of fresh fruit and veggies.

  7. You’re the Apple of our eye!: Apple, applesauce, apple muffins, apple juice, place in red bag for an added effect.

  8. Smoothies: Add ingredients for one fabulous moothie, with a mini box of almond or rice milk.

  9. Afternoon at Folly Beach: Put snacks and mini-juices in a beach tote. For a good friend, add a book!

  10. We’re nuts about you! Bag of almonds or cashews, nut snack bars, peanut butter or almond spread, cashews, etc., nut and raisin mix.

  11. Purim Pickle: Jars of pickles, pickled tomatoes, pickled vegetables with crackers

  12. Purim Bits – A bag filled with small healthy treats: mini carrots and celery, apple and nectarine, rice cakes, mini-juice or sparkling water.

  13. Shabbat: Challah, home made humus, bottle of wine or grape juice.

  14. Havdalah: Wine or grape juice, sweet quick bread with raisins and nuts, sprigs of thyme, rosemary and mint for the spices, besamim.


Tip:  Add grape juice or wine and some hamantaschen to each basket or bag!

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