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Hassle Free School Lunches

  1. Soup: Make your family’s favorite soups and freeze in mini containers.  In the morning, heat up and place in a thermos and you have a fabulous healthy lunch.

  2. Sandwiches: PB&J, Flavored Humus, Turkey and Cheese with mayonnaise or mustard: Make sandwiches ahead of time and cut into quarters. Slip into sandwich freezer bags, put in the freezer and pull out in the morning. By the time lunch rolls around, the sandwich is defrosted.

  3. Burritos: Warm tortilla for a few seconds in the microwave as it is easier to roll. Get an assembly line going and roll and wrap each burrito in plastic wrap. Label and freeze. Pull out in the morning and add to your lunch box. Very nice reheated if you can. They make a great breakfast too! And these frozen sandwiches act as an ice pack!

    1. Egg and cheese

    2. Ground beef and veggies

    3. Scrambled eggs and cheese

    4. Black beans, rice and cheese

    5. Steak fajita

    6. Roasted veggies

  4. Snacks: At the beginning of the week, portion out into zip lock bags or plastic containers cherry tomatoes, grapes, baby carrots, peeled mandarin oranges, pretzels or any snack that keeps well. Let your kids pick and choose what they want.

  5. Dessert Bites: Now’s the time to make brownies, other bar cookies or cookies. Cut into bite size portions, put a few into each small freezer bag, and pull out, as you need them for lunch.


Tip: When you are freezing, be sure to label clearly as it’s sometimes hard to see what’s inside!

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