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Join Us In The Kitchen!

Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob

Susan's Foodie Lit review of Amani's River  by David Hartness and traditional Mozambique recipe.

Healthy Go-To's: Deconstructed Salads

Deconstructed Salads

Eating healthy is simpler than you think! One of our favorite go-to's is basically a deconstructed salad or filling your plate half with raw veggies and fruit. The rest of the plate can be filled with a cooked dish.

We all eat with our eyes so the beautiful colors from the assorted veggies and fruit makes eating appealing and fun.

Simple is best and variety is the spice of life. Have fun eating healthy by filling your plate with all types of foods.

Since vegetables and fruit have lots of fiber, you will feel full and satisfied. The best part of eating healthy is feeling great!

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