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Snacks for the Playground

Lunchbox Trail Mix

This mix is a great snack that you can make ahead of time or even in bulk. It is perfect on-the-go, such as a trip to the playground and don’t forget it’s great as an addition to any box lunch. Quick to put together and can be made as creative as you want with your own choices. Put out for company as a little nosh or in a glass jar as a homemade gift.  Note variations at end of recipe!

Date Oat Bar 2.JPG

Healthy and yummy, the energy bites can be made in advance for snacks on the playground, after school and great in an adult's lunch box too!

Fruit kabobs.jpg

Fruit Kabobs are cute and refreshing. Your kids or guests can help make them.  Use red and green grapes, pineapple chunks, strawberries, cantaloupes, kiwis and other fruits that are your favorites.

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