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5 Rush Free School Day Breakfasts

Breakfast's still the most important meal--make it rush free with our prep ahead and freeze ahead ideas on those busy school days.


  1. Waffles: Love waffles for breakfast? Use your favorite home made or store bought waffle mix and make and freeze ahead.  Then just pop them in the toaster and you are ready to eat. Put the waffle mix in a Mason Jar and you have the perfect gift for the teacher on the first day. Be sure to include the ingredients!

  2. Muffins: Make muffins in mini muffin cups and freeze. From banana or zucchini bread to carrot raisin or whole grain blueberry muffins, there are dozens of recipes to choose from. Children will love the small sizes and varieties. (Adults too!)

  3. Pizza: The night before, on English muffins or your favorite bread, make mini pizzas—a little tomato sauce, some mozzarella and a topping you like (olives, onion, etc) and put in the refrigerator.  Put in the oven on 350 when you get up and 10 minutes later, you have breakfast! If you have a toaster oven, this can be even quicker!

  4. Smoothies and Juices: Prep the ingredients for your favorite smoothie or juice the night before and bring out your blender or juicer. In the morning, you are all set to make a healthy and quick breakfast!

  5. Frittatas:  Mix up your favorite frittata recipe—eggs, shredded or diced veggies, cheese, diced meat—what your stomach desires! Spray mini-muffin tin, fill up each cup with a heaping tablespoon of your mixture and bake until your mini-frittatas are golden. To freeze:  Cool each cup on a baking sheet and then freeze until solid.  Then put two or three into each freezer bag, label and put back in freezer. Reheats in 20 seconds in a microwave. A nice variation is to add cooked quinoa.


Tip: When you are freezing, be sure to label clearly as it’s sometimes hard to see what’s inside!

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