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A Green Purim

A Green Purim
Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen

Purim and St. Patrick’s Day occur within a few days of each other this year.  A green Purim is a happy combination of the two traditions!

In a green basket, with green salad tongs, we put toppers perfect for a green salad:  a jar of green olives, “Bacon” Bits, salad dressing with a container to put in a lunch box, a small can of tuna, a jar of basil and a box of raisins. For future gardens, we placed a packet of (green!) parsley.


For fun, we placed a jar of jellybeans, bubbles and a bubble maker and a fun drink container with a plastic straw that goes around the middle!


And all that’s left to put in the basket are a few hamantaschen—this year a triple chocolate recipe from The Nosher that will hit the sweet spot of any chocoholic!  A word search and poem are the final additions.

A Happy and Green Purim and St. Patrick's Day!

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