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Lisa Rovick and Susan Weintrob
Couscous-Olive Muffaletta

Mirta Ines Trupp's,  With Love, The Argentina Family and Becoming Malka 

Teachers couldn’t pronounce her name and students couldn’t figure out what group she belonged to. “Here at home, I struggled to find myself within the American tapestry. I was acutely aware of how different we seemed to be from others. Not only were we immigrants, but we didn’t quite fit the mold. … I couldn’t find my niche.”  

Couscous Olive Muffaletta with Roasted Eggplant,

Bell Peppers and

Butternut Squash

Click to see Lisa's Video: PECAN PIE BITES-Raw Vegan Recipe/Gluten Free DESSERT-Passover Friendly too!!

Combining food cultures is a snap, with so many right here in the USA.  We took Israeli couscous and Middle Eastern flavors of cumin and fresh mint, and New Orleans style olive muffaletta. We tossed in fabulous fresh roasted vegetables, at home almost anywhere in the world.  Colorful and tasty.  


Flex the recipe by substituting quinoa and you have made a wonderful dish gluten free or kosher for Passover.

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