Cauliflower Tiki Masala

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Tiki Masala—whether vegan or with meat—is on the menu at so many Indian restaurants. Whether from India or from Indian immigrants in Britain, a survey in the UK, listed Tiki Masala as the 2nd most popular meal to cook. Now you can make this sweet and savory dish at home!

A fabulous vegan meal with fragrant Indian spices.  Cauliflower is one of those versatile veggies that works well in place of meat here and in other recipes and the coconut milk makes the dish so creamy yet remaining vegan.  I made it with chicken as well—both ways are delicious. 

Don’t forget the cashews—a perfect garnish!

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A great read for these cold nights is David Mauro’s adventures climbing the 7 Summits. Taken from his journals, it makes anyone want to get out for at least a walk, if not a hike!

The Altitude Journals are about his physical and spiritual journey, through mountain climbing, with its adventures, its difficulties and its redemptions. I climbed each mountain with David, routed for him and read every word in his retelling of this journey.

“It's magical up there," he told me. So is his writing. Definitely pick up a copy!

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