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Veggie Heaven

Humus: A great Middle Eastern dish that’s perfect for taking outside for a snack, eating as a start to a meal and perfect for a midnight snack with crisp cuke slices or chips.

Cucumber Soup: A non-dairy cucumber soup is so refreshing for lunch or dinner. Mild and smooth, it’s a favorite with family and guests.

Tortilla Pizza: Watching those carbs and still love pizza? Here’s a frequent solution for us.  Tortilla Pizza! Using a tortilla in place of the crust in this recipe, and you are all set for an easy and delish dinner. Depending on the size of the tortilla, usually one is just the right size for a personal pizza!


Salmon Burgers: Using fresh or canned salmon, make your burgers from salmon and grill or bake them.  Put on a bun or roll with mustard or mayonnaise or a great cucumber dill sauce (included), a tomato, lettuce—the regular toppings on a burger!  Great meal.  1 can salmon, drained and mashed, 1 egg, beaten, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, 1-2 stalks celery minced, 1/4 cup onions minced, 2 t dill weed.  Mix together and form into patties. Grill, bake or sauté.  Don’t over cook!


ELT Sandwich:  Replace bacon with eggplant and make yourself the traditional BLT sandwich without meat!

Veggie Cabobs on the Grill:  Cut your favorite veggies into chunks, marinate if you choose and place on skewer. Make enough and it's an entire meal!


Salads, salads galore!!  With so much in season, salads are a perfect meal any time of the day!  Try some non-lettuce salads, which last longer in the refrigerator and you can add grilled veggies, hard boiled eggs, cheeses, lettuces and any veggie you love to the salad each day. Here’s a few of our favorites. Here are a few favorite dressings and salads.

Sweet Balsamic Dressing

Avocado Lemon Dressing

Antipasto Salad

Three Plus Bean Salad

Strawberry-Asparagus Salad

Deconstructed Salads

Fruit Kabobs:  Put fruit in chunks or small pieces onto tooth picks and enjoy the bounty in season.

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