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Home Made Ice Cream in a Bag

Perfect for these host summer days and any day after!


1. Start with this recipe (1serving)
1/2 c cream, half and half or milk of choice
1.5 T sugar
Splash of vanilla extract

Add-in for other flavors
1 T cocoa powder (chocolate)
2 T strawberry purée (strawberry)
2 T strong coffee (coffee)

  1. Add mixture to a sandwich size zip lock bag and seal well.

  2.  Then fill a gallon size zip lock bag half way with ice and sprinkle the ice with a few tablespoons of salt.

  3.  Add the ice cream mixture to the ice bag and seal close.

  4. Wrap in a kitchen towel and shake for 5-8 minutes.

  5.  It's ready when the Ice cream has frozen to a creamy consistency. Eat in the bag or scoop into a bowl.

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