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A blast from the past:
Rylan and Avery:
Purim Chefs

For those who enjoy the happy custom of bringing Purim baskets, called mishloah manot in Hebrew, the house is usually filled with wonderful hamantaschen, the traditional triangular cookies, and all sorts of sweets.


There are those who need a healthier approach, such as Susan’s diabetic husband, or those who prefer to avoid so much sugar -- there are many alternatives just as pretty and fun.


Try an Italian style mishloach manot with a bottle of Israeli wine, a jar of home made spaghetti sauce and a box of pasta.  Slip in a few hamantaschen to keep with holiday traditions. Try our Salad Bowl or Smart Coffee and Chocolate. Put ingredients in a pretty bag, basket or use your imagination!


For those of you who are celebrating, click on to find more healthy mishloach manot ideas. If you have never celebrated Purim, taking a basket or bag of favorites to a friend or neighbor is a great custom to begin.

Celebrate Purim: Happily Healthy Purim baskets  

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