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Asparagus-Shallot  Soup

Asparagus Shallot Soup.jpg

Foodie Lit

Asparagus-Shallot Soup is one of those elegant soups perfect to serve on special occasions. Yet it’s simple to make ---that makes it an equally ideal for a weekday meal.


The soup is velvety smooth and while many puréed soups add cream or half and half, we have made it dairy free and lighter.


A wonderful vegan soup, use fresh asparagus for an amazing taste. For a rushed lunch or dinner, you can substitute canned asparagus. Asparagus-Shallot Soup can be served hot or cold, fitting into every season. 

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Happy Halloween!

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The Blue Hour by Patti Davis is a perfect read for Halloween, complete with ghosts, graveyards and a bit of magic. It is one of those wonderful books that is part fairy tale, part allegory, part time-slip and… part mean adolescent bullying. It has a clear message yet the characters, the magic and the quest are expertly woven together from the first to the last word, so the book is not moralistic. It is haunting, a perfect Halloween read, with a Pumpkin Harvest Soup to read with!

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