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Chicken Pot Pie Pastries

& Freezerproof Philosophy

Menu at my house

Pumpkin Harvest Soup

Chicken Pot Pie Pastries

Red Pair Tart


For this weekend, I made Mini Chicken Pot Pies and had some filling left over. I made puff pastry squares with the leftovers—and they were such a hit! We ate a few and I froze the rest.


Freezerproof is really about a mindset. There are days when you don’t feel like cooking, have been very busy, took care of a sick relative, or when work projects are due. Cooking and then freezing is a perfect way to plan ahead for special meals, when you want to entertain or when you are just plain busy.


Puff Pastry Squares is one of many recipes that freeze well. I have linked its recipe and a few other favorites below.

Foodie Lit


We live in a time when FB friends defriend each other if they disagree, when the first act of a newly elected Congressional representative is to use obscene language regarding the President, when rioters shout and beat those with diverse views, and target the police.


So I treasure reading Marti Healy's Breathings, filled with small stories, filled with thoughts, not shouts, little conversations (not beatings) with people known and unknown, revealing kindness to people, animals and even insects, such as a butterfly with a torn wing. At the end of one of her short works, we breathe in the air of thoughtfulness, benevolence and the best in our humanity.

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