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Asparagus-Spinach Quiche

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I’m on such an asparagus kick! Asparagus add an elegance to this quiche with its creamy custard like topping combined with a savory vegetable combo. Of course, all that and a wonderful Gruyere make this a quiche worth baking. Asparagus-Spinach Quiche is great for a luncheon, for your family or guests, works for a light dinner with a side salad and my husband loves it for breakfast the next day! The Cornmeal Crust perfect with this and any quiche. To save time, you may use a pre-made commercial crust. While most of us think of quiche as originating in France, similar savory custardy dishes with vegetables were made in England and Italy as early as the 13th century.

Foodie Lit

Broken Portal.jpg

The President of the United States continued, ‘‘Here is what you need to do and I’m afraid it is a list of ‘don’ts.’ Don’t go to work. Stay at home unless you are one of the research institutions working on a cure—like the CDC or a university. Do not take public transportation—if it’s still running in your area. Don’t dine out or go to your favorite bar. I’m asking them to close, along with retail stores. Stockpile food and gas…. I’m advising all schools to close their doors…Keep the children at home. I’ll alert them when it is safe to reopen. Many government offices will close…Hospitals will remain open and temporary morgues are receiving those who didn’t survive….’

Sounds pretty close to martial law, Bob thought, a chill running up his spine.”


If this sounds familiar, you might be amazed to know that Pamela Eglinski published Broken Portal in Rocky Mountain Park two years before the Corona Virus travelled from China to infect the world. Chilling.

Asparagus-Spinach Quiche


Serves 8


9” Cornmeal Crust

1 cup flour

1/2 cup cornmeal

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1/3 cup olive oil

1/2 cup milk

1 tablespoon finely ground breadcrumbs


  1. Place dry ingredients in food processor. Pulse until the ingredients come together.

  2. Add oil and milk. Process until the ingredients come together in a ball. Refrigerate for 15 minutes or overnight.

  3. On parchment paper, roll out dough to 1" beyond pie pan and place in pan. If dough doesn't unroll easily, place in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes and then roll onto pie pan.

  4. Pinch edges attractively. Prick dough with fork. Freeze until ready to use.




4 tablespoons butter, divided

1 cup chopped leeks

2 cups or 5 ounces fresh spinach

4-5 ounces asparagus, fibrous ends snapped off and a dozen left for topping

1 teaspoon dried dill

5 eggs

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup cream

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1 cup Gruyere or sharp Cheddar, grated

1 green onion, chopped

1/4 teaspoon paprika



  1. Preheat oven to 375 F. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in skillet. Add onions and sauté over medium heat for 3-4 minutes, stirring to keep from sticking or burning. Add more butter if needed. Add spinach and cook until spinach is wilted and liquid is evaporated. Remove from skillet and reserve.

  2. Add the remaining 2 tablespoons butter and place asparagus in skillet. Sprinkle with dill and cook over low heat until asparagus is tender, adding more butter if needed. Remove pan from heat.

  3. In a bowl, whisk eggs, milk, mustard and salt until well blended. Stir in cheese.

  4. Remove pie crust from freezer. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over the bottom of the crust. Place onions and spinach mixture, then asparagus in the pie crust. Pour cheese mixture over the vegetables. Place reserved asparagus and green onions attractively on top. Sprinkle top evenly with paprika.

  5. Bake uncovered for 40-45 minutes or until the quiche is set and golden on the top. Cool for about 15-20 minutes before serving. If not serving immediately, refrigerate.

Expandthetable suggestions

Allium free: Use 1 bulb fennel, chopped, in place of onion and green onion

No Leeks? Use onions or shallots

Greens: In place of spinach, use collards or kale. You will need to cook for a longer time for greens to become tender, adding water by the tablespoonful as needed.

Gluten free: Use a gluten free pie crust and sprinkle crust with gluten free breadcrumbs.

Creamier: Use half and half or heavy cream in place of milk.

Dairy Free: Use olive oil in place of butter. Use a non-dairy milk such as almond in place of milk or cream. Use a vegan cheddar in place of dairy cheese.

Suggested Menu

Dandelion Soup

Asparagus-Spinach Quiche

Mandarin-Orange Salad

Almond-Chocolate Biscotti

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